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Welcome to Le Crotoy! This lovely little holiday resort in Picardy is ideally located in the heart of the Baie de Somme Natural Regional Park. Make no mistake though! Discovering this superb nature reserve is not the only thing to do here. Quite the contrary. Your stay in Le Crotoy has wonderful surprises in store for you…
Map of the Baie de Somme estuary
One thing’s for certain, holidaying on the Les Aubépines campsite, in the Baie de Somme estuary, is the guarantee of discovering truly exceptional flora and fauna. Besides its choice position just a stone’s throw from the Baie, this department will surprise you, with its scenery, which gives you the sense of being in the middle of nowhere…
Discover the Baie de Somme estuary

Baie de Somme estuary

Going off and exploring the exceptional landscapes offered by the Baie de Somme estuary is a must during your stay in Le Crotoy. To make the most of this, feel free to be accompanied by a guide! With enthusiasm, they will enable you to discover all the treasures offered by this nature reserve. Amongst the dunes, sea and cliffs, in the heart of the country, you will be able to see the various species of migratory birds. You may even come face to face with a seal colony… You’ll discover all types of marine plants (sea asters, samphire, sea thrift). You’ll most certainly encounter them with meals in the region’s restaurants.
Aerial view of the Baie de Somme © Somme Tourisme

Saint Valéry sur Somme

A sublime little harbour town, Saint Valéry sur Somme will definitely leave you with lovely memories. Begin your visit in the Le Courtgain district. Walking around the little sloping alleys, discover the colourful fishermen’s houses of the era. On your way, stop at the Chapelle Saint-Pierre church. Made from brick, flint and cut limestone, this has nowadays been transformed into a superb exhibition space. Finally, discover Saint-Valéry’s medieval heritage. The fortified castle, cobblestone streets and ramparts…
Do not delay in going to the Porte de Nevers fortified gate, and make the most of an unrestricted view over the Baie de Somme estuary.
Saint-Valery © Somme Tourisme

Parc Ornithologique du Marquenterre ornithological reserve

Go off and discover the 300 species of migratory birds, which have found refuge in this protected area. Having the greatest respect for nature, there are no less than 3 routes and 12 observation points which delight visitors here. All through your visit, guides are available to teach you more about the lives of these birds.
Enthusiastic, they answer all your children’s questions!
A crane strutting around the Parc du Marquenterre ornithological park, a popular area for birdwatching in Picardy, France. © Shutterstock

Maison de la Baie de Somme museum

Educational and fascinating, discover this museum dedicated to the Baie de Somme’s natural treasures. By going round the aisles, you’ll understand the challenge of protecting the flora and fauna on this site. Next discover the various themed rooms and learn more about the seal colony, common seals but also bird migration techniques. In addition, outside you’ll have the chance to see from observation posts, superb species all around the various lakes.
Maison de la Baie de Somme museum © Somme Tourisme T. Hénin
Somme Tourisme - railway
Somme Tourisme - sand yachting
Vélo route Vallée de Somme (Somme valley cycle route)

The Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme (Baie de Somme Railway)

Admire the amazing landscapes, by taking the Chemin de Fer de la Baie de Somme (Baie de Somme Railway). Make the most of a genuine journey back in time, in this engine dating back to 1887. Leaving from 4 stations (Le Crotoy, Noyelles sur Mer, Saint Valéry sur Somme, Cayeux sur Mer), you will have the chance to see the sublime scenery offered by the marshes and fields. One evening in the week, the company offers you the chance to enjoy a delicious dinner with local flavours, all whilst making the most of a magnificent sunset. Are you ready for the experience?
Train de la Baie de Somme (Baie de Somme estuary train)


Small in name but big in heritage, the town of Rue is only 6 kilometres from your Le Crotoy campsite. Start your visit by discovering its historic buildings such as the Eglise Saint-Wulphy church, the Chapelle du Saint-Esprit (Church of the Holy Spirit) and the Tour du Beffroi belfry tower, a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site. Then make the most of your visit for a tour of the market. Numerous regional dishes, such as samphire, pâté picard (local pâté made from pork and onions) or even rollot (cow’s milk soft cheese) may be enjoyed. Lastly, especially do not return without visiting the Musée des Frères Caudron museum. Genuine pioneers of aviation in Picardy, relive the two brothers’ journey through scale models, trophies and personal documents exhibited.
Town of Rue, Belfry © Somme Tourisme

Le Hourdel

The Pointe du Hourdel headland marks the southern entry to the Baie de Somme. A small fishing port, Le Hourdel, is located in the town of Cayeux sur Mer. It is one of the best viewpoints across the Baie. The sight of the sea coming in or going out with the tides offers the intrigued an unforgettable moment. From the Point du Hourdel, you can also glimpse the seal colony living in the Baie! You can easily reach it by bike from Le Crotoy.
Le Hourdel, lighthouse, Cayeux sur Mer, France © Shutterstock

Mers les Bains

Make the most of your stay on the Les Aubépines campsite to discover Mers les Bains, one of the loveliest seaside resorts in France! With its art-deco style villas with a multitude of colourful facades, running alongside the beach, Mers les Bains leaves nobody unmoved. You can walk along the embankment, but also swim here, do kite-flying, etc. Around Mers les Bains, the cliffs can be discovered during walks. These offer magnificent viewpoints over the English Channel and the town.
Camping les Aubépines - beach games
A walk in the Somme department
Baie de Somme estuary - horse riding


What would Amiens be without its cathedral! A must when in the capital of Picardy. Look up and discover the impressive dimensions of this masterpiece of Gothic architecture, renowned for being the largest in France. Continue your visit by making the most of the beauty offered by the Parc Saint-Pierre park and gardens, and admire the swans gliding on the lake. Next, step back in time, and discover the Maison de Jules Verne (Jules Verne’s house with over 700 objects). A location loaded with history, as it was here he wrote his famous novel “Around the World in 80 Days”. Lastly, don’t miss the Saint Leu district and its small colourful houses. Livened up by bars and restaurants, today it is one of the busiest districts in this city. Between the Musée de la Picardie (museum on Picardy’s history) and the Parc Zoologique d’Amiens zoo (500 globally native animals), the hortillonnages (marshland market gardens) and the Jardin des Vertueux floating landscaped gardens…We simply wouldn’t have the space to mention all the great things to discover!
Amiens cathedral © shutterstock

Scars of the Great War

The Somme department, also an area which was harshly affected in a multitude of battles during the First World War. As it is important to remember, many sites in the vicinity can be visited. From the town of Albert to Péronne, go off in the footsteps of the soldiers on a genuine trip where remains, memorials and museums line your route. On your own, with a guide, by bike, on foot or by car, rediscover the fascinating history of this Hauts de France department.
Memorial in Beaumont © Somme Tourisme, Nicolas-Bryant

Abbaye et Jardins de Valloires abbey and gardens

Around the Abbaye de Valloires abbey, the Cistercian foundation of the 16th century, the famous landscape architect, Gilles Clément, tastefully designed a magnificent garden. The scent is delightful as you wander along the paths! Here you discover no less than 5,000 varieties of roses and bushes. Within these 8 hectares of lush countryside, make the most of a walk in the heart of the 5 atmospheric gardens, evolving with the seasons. For total immersion, head for the “La Table du Jardinier” restaurant, to enjoy dishes enhanced with flowers!
Argoules, Jardins de Valloires botanical gardens © A.Carrier Somme Tourisme
Somme Tourisme - Thiepval memorial

Château de Rambures castle

What if you went back to the past and headed for the Rambures fortified castle? Listed as a Monument Historique (Historic Monument), enjoy total immersion in the Middle Ages. On your visit here, you’ll be accompanied by a guide. Enthusiastic about the place, they will enable you to discover the various living areas, entirely furnished, and will tell you the complete history of the Rambures family. Next, you’ll be invited to discover the park and its magnificent rose garden, which runs alongside the fortress. If you like a challenge, do not delay in taking part in the treasure hunt, offered throughout the entire summer!
Château de Rambures castle © Somme Tourisme, D.Marechal

Château de Regnière Ecluse castle

Go off for a visit to this magnificent castle dating back to the 1030s! Located only 14 kilometres from your campsite in the Baie de Somme estuary, this neo-Gothic building and its grounds of 135 hectares will seduce you. Listed as a Monument Historique (Historic Monument), this castle accommodates you from July to September, to make the most either of a guided or self-guided tour. Outside, make the most of time in the middle of nowhere and discover a superb forestry park and lake where you can fish.
Château de Regniere Ecluse castle © CRT Picardie, N. Bryant
Have fun around Le Crotoy
Camping les Aubépines campsite Le Crotoy, baie de somme estuary, woman canoeing © Nicolas Bryant

Aquaclub de Fort Mahon water park

Head for the water pleasures at the Aquaclub de Belle Dune in Fort Mahon Plage! Adapted to delight all the family, this complex is comprised of a wave pool, water slides, Jacuzzis, several pools and even a spa with sauna and hammam. For ever more pleasure, the Aquaclub was given a makeover at the end of 2021. On the menu for this refurbishment was a new 90 m² paddling pool, with multiple children’s water games, gym and fitness area, an overhaul of the eating area…Plenty for a lovely day!
Aquaclub de Fort Mahon water park © Aquaclub de Fort Mahon

Parc de Bagatelle theme park

Through 4 different worlds, young and old will inevitably find what they’re looking for, at the Parc Bagatelle theme park! Discover the Baggy Kid’s and its 9 attractions set aside for children, the Baggy Fun for thrill-seekers and the Baggy Family which meets the expectations of all the family. Lastly there is the Baggy Show and its world of magic shows. In this park, we do everything we can, so that your day goes off without a hitch. True, you will find numerous restaurant and snack areas, souvenir shops and even a sweet shop for the most greedy amongst you. Attention though, don’t eat too much before looping the loop!
Parc de Bagatelle theme park in the Baie de Somme estuary, fairground attraction © Parc de Bagatelle

Parc Aventure Salomon adventure park

Go off for an adventure in the heart of the countryside…and climb! In the heart of a forest of oaks and beech trees, make the most of superb scenery for a tree-top adventure day. As a family or with friends, several courses are on offer, depending on your level. Rope bridges, nets and Tyrolean traverse courses. You need to be intrepid to overcome numerous obstacles. Don’t worry though. Experts accompany you at the start of each course, to give you confidence. Are you prepared to try the adventure then?
Tree-top adventure in Saint Valery, instructor © Parc Salomon
Various activities
The Train de la Baie (train of the Baie de Somme estuary)
The Naours caves
Dugout canoe
Stand up paddle boarding
Longe côte (wading through water in a line)
Barouches (horse-drawn carriages)
Cycle paths
Baie crossing
Laser Games
Quad bike
Nausicaa aquarium/French national sea life centre