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times in the Baie de Somme estuary
A unique stay as a family
Day 1
Are we nearly there yet?
The GPS indicates that there are only 15 minutes travel time, before you arrive at the Les Aubepines campsite. The children can’t sit still! Yet look out of the window! The scenery is increasingly magnificent. Take take time to enjoy the authentic typical little houses with, in the background, the magnificent Baie de Somme estuary which welcomes you with open arms…
Baie de Somme estuary - boat
We can’t wait to discover our accommodation!
Upon arrival at the campsite, the charm gets working right away. You’re now actually here! Nestling in the middle of nowhere, you can finally breathe…The kids are immediately attracted by the water park that they glimpse in the distance. Be patient. We’ll get the keys and then look round the campsite!
Camping les Aubépines campsite - accommodation area
A jacuzzi on the terrace, just too classy!
Wow!! No, you’re not dreaming. It is really a jacuzzi adorning your terrace. The children quickly head for the bedrooms, to choose their beds, and you observe the green space around you…the holiday will be fantastic!
Here’s to our holiday!
How about we celebrate our arrival on our Le Crotoy campsite? Let’s head for the bar! For parents cocktails, for the kids fresh fruit juice. It’s time to indulge ourselves. Around the table, the conversation flows. Everyone is already creating their own holiday schedule: the swimming pools, play area, children’s club, mini-farm. They can’t wait for the rest of the stay…
Camping les Aubépines - restaurant terrace
beach © Somme Tourisme - Stéphane Bouilland
Day 2
A fantastic guide for an extraordinary walk...
You came for this. Time to make the most of it. Come on, we must hurry. Get your boots on everyone! You’re meeting the guide at 9 a.m, on La Maye beach, only about 100 metres from your Le Crotoy campsite. Once there, you are amazed. You feel so small faced with this imposing area. The excursion begins and your guide, who starts by telling you the history of this location, makes the most of it by encouraging you to taste some samphire – a marine plant abundant in the Baie de Somme. Then, the show starts, and you catch a glimpse of several bird species…“Quick! Get your binoculars out kids! The seals are over there! ” Still accompanied by the enthusiastic voice of your guide, you listen to her explanations, whilst making the most of a truly magical time observing. After a visit lasting 2 hours 30 minutes, it is time to go back to the campsite. The children have so many questions, they don’t even want to leave your guide! One thing’s for sure, this family experience will remain forever imprinted on their memory…
Le Crotoy © Somme Tourisme
Baie de Somme estuary campsite - kitesurfing
1 Margherita, 2 La Reine and 1 Calzone please!
It’s time for lunch. With the experience you’ve just had, it is already late. The children are dying of hunger…So to please everyone, this lunchtime it’s pizzas all round! Whilst the children are playing in the bedroom, a simple telephone call, and hey presto, you’ve made your order! Now everyone quarrels over who will go to get the pizzas. In the end, Dad makes the most of the campsite’s lovely paths. In less than 5 minutes he is back. In the lovely sunshine, delicious smells are given off from the boxes. Let’s eat!
Les Aubépines campsite - accommodation - terrace
New message: Photos of the kids in the swimming pool at Les Aubépines
This afternoon, the children (never tired obviously) make the most of the aqua-play area in the swimming pool. Never far away, you take advantage of it to try and take a few photos with your mobile. After a few splashes, in the end you take superb family photos. Voilà! You’ve sent them! Granny and Granddad will be delighted to hear from you! After this lovely afternoon, everyone heads for the shower! No need to fight over who goes first. Yes your accommodation has 2 bathrooms. Such delight.
Camping les Aubépines - swimming pool aerial view
Les Aubépines - children’s activities - sack race
Day 3
Trainers everyone!!
The promise of a superb day on Les Aubépines. Yesterday, the children wanted to be signed up for the Mister Flower Club. A promise is a promise! This morning everyone wakes up at 9.30 a.m. for a lovely breakfast. And also for you, its time to get your strength back. This morning you have booked a tennis lesson as a couple! Once your kids are dropped off, you go to reception to get all the necessary equipment, and you’re off for a competitive morning!
Camping les Aubépines - activité tennis de table
Can we come back tomorrow?
On your return, you go the campsite grocery store to stock up on great delights for lunch before picking up the children from the club. Excited, they run in your direction when seeing you get there. “The mini club was really cool! ” Whilst you go along the campsite paths, they’re real chatterboxes. They take great pleasure in telling you every activity they’ve done this morning. They have only have one thing on their mind: a prompt return tomorrow to see their friends again.
Camping les Aubépines campsite - trampoline
Thrills and spills guaranteed!
After a lovely siesta on your terrace’s sunlounger, you wish to delight the children again. You’re off out – you head for the Parc Bagatelle theme park by car. Roller coasters, water attractions, shows…Although you certainly have a greater sense of fear than your children, everyone has a smile on their face – the most important thing. When you get back, the weather starts to change…No problem though! You simply go to reception. Here they have everything you need for an evening of board games…
Parc de Bagatelle theme park
Residence Premium - terrace
Day 4
Pains au chocolats, croissants, baguettes...
This morning, you wake up to the sunshine, and surprise! Yesterday Mum had ordered breakfast hampers for everyone. There was barely time for the children to open their eyes when she was already on her way back from the grocery, her hands full of great delights…It is 10 a.m., the children leave excited about joining their new friends at the Mister Flower Club. It is time for you to make the most of the pétanque court, and have a quick game with your neighbours. When picking up the children around midday, you decide to stop at the mini-farm to meet the chickens, geese, ducks, donkeys and pony. What a delight to meet them in the middle of nowhere!
Camping les aubépines - animals
Camping les Aubépines - kids club
Back to the past...
This afternoon, you go out for a real trip back in time at the Rambures fortified castle. You are welcomed by your guide, who accompanies you throughout the entire visit, to tell you the history of this lovely fortress. At the end of your trip, you go outside to a spectacular view. You discover a superb green setting, lovely scents are given off from the rose garden and everyone feels minuscule next to this building dating back to the 1500s. On the way back, the children only talk about what they have just seen! As for you, you’re only thinking of one thing: relaxing in the Jacuzzi after this lovely walk…
Château de Rambures castle © Somme Tourisme, D.Marechal
A jacuzzi in the middle of nowhere
After this sumptuous day, you slip on your swimwear and head for your private jacuzzi… You immediately feel your muscles relaxing in the Jacuzzi – what a delight! Your spouse joins you, bringing you a glass of chilled rosé. In these peaceful surroundings, you put the world to rights, whilst observing the surrounding countryside…After this moment of intense relaxation, why not take part in an evening show, organized by the campsite team? One thing’s for certain, today the children won’t take long to fall asleep.
Camping les Aubépines campsite - accommodation with spa
Train de la Baie de Somme (Baie de Somme estuary train)
Day 5
Welcome to Saint Valéry sur Somme!
Today, you go off to explore Saint Valéry sur Somme! How about we take the Baie de Somme estuary petit train (tourist train)? Leaving the Le Crotoy station, go out for an hour’s trip taking the ‘Parcours Entre Terre & Mer’ (panoramic route amongst land and sea). Enjoy a short stop in Noyelles sur Mer, to see the flora and fauna of the Baie de Somme estuary in St Valéry sur Somme. Once there, join an enthusiastic guide and go off to visit the town – be sure not to miss one nook and cranny. The port area, the fishing district, the medieval town…The time with this guide is quite simply magical. As there is little time before lunch, head for the Musée Picarvie museum (exhibits relating to the past) for a genuine journey back in time.
Saint-Valery © Somme Tourisme
Saint-Valery © Somme Tourisme Nicolas Bryant
H’m... Chips...
Lunch, still in Valéry sur Somme, is mussels and chips. Off an alley way, a warm restaurant welcomes you. The children are delighted, they love chips! Fresh and coming from the Picardy coast, time to enjoy regional flavours. If you ask for the cheeseboard, you will certainly come across a piece of Rollot, a typical Picard cheese made from cow’s milk. Do not miss the chance to taste it!
Les Aubépines campsite - mussels and chips
A magnificent beach and sunset...
After this delightful meal, you got the tourist train back to Le Crotoy. After discussing it with the driver on the return trip, he advised you to see the Parc du Marquenterre park and gardens, only 4 kilometres from Les Aubépines. You’re off! Once there, Wow! it is certainly magnificent. You start the route the park offers, then stop at the various nature observation points along the way. Breathe…and observe the various bird species around you. Once back at your Le Crotoy campsite, you make the most of a lovely dinner on the terrace of your plot. Want to go and watch the sunset to end this lovely day? Head for the Fort Mahon beach! The countryside is obviously all magnificent here…
Baie de Somme - sunset
Day 6
Bike ride and regional gastronomy!
Now you’ve hired bikes on your campsite, you’re ready to criss-cross the 49 km of cycle paths! However, so that this ride is all the more delightful, you have opted for electric bikes. First port of call: the Frères Caudron museum: pioneers of aviation. This museum displays superb scale models of aeroplanes, the children are amazed! The ride continues into the small town of Rue. This time you head for the market. Detouring to a stall, the children salivate at the ‘Gâteau battu’ (a lighter and spongier version of traditional brioche), a regional speciality. You’d like to taste a slice? Friendly, the baker lets the entire family taste a piece of cake. Obviously delicious, it is difficult to leave without taking an entire cake! Ficelle picarde (local savoury ham and mushroom crepe), flamiche aux poireaux (leek tart), pâté de canard aux pistaches (duck pâté with pistachio)…Your bag is full of great things for lunch.
Gateau battu brioche style cake
This evening, you’re going to the restaurant!
On the return trip, you take full advantage of the surrounding countryside. This afternoon, the children don’t want, for all the world, to miss the treasure hunt organized by the campsite! The chance to see some of their friends made during the week. As you go around the campsite paths as a family, you discuss the great times during your holiday. Tomorrow’s departure is a difficult prospect! How about we make the most of dinner at the restaurant tonight, to end our stay on a high? What a great idea…
Les Aubépines - accommodation sunloungers
Boy are we comfortable here!
After a lovely shower, everyone is ready for the final evening of the stay. You’re all anxious to discover the “Pause en Baie”, the campsite’s restaurant. You begin, well obviously, with an apéritif. Also what holidays are all about! Then, some of you choose burgers, others salads or pizzas, one thing’s for certain, everyone has a delicious meal. The children look back on their crazy week. You, it must be said, are spellbound by the location. “Nevertheless, the setting is quite exceptional. Couldn’t we come back here to telework in the low season? ”
Camping les Aubépines - restaurant terrace
Argoules, Jardins de Valloires botanical gardens © A.Carrier Somme Tourisme
Day 7
Trip to the Jardins de Valloires botanical gardens
Today, after a lovely breakfast, you decide to try aquatonic! With a highly dynamic activity leader, it is a perfect warm up for the morning trip out: the Jardins de Valloires. Designed by the landscape architect, Gilles Clément, walking around this garden is a real journey. A magnificent estate of 8 hectares with various atmospheres, you will enjoy discovering the multiple species of plants. Here, all of your senses are awakened and, once again, you will be carried away by the lush countryside around you.
Argoules - Jardins de Valloires botanical gardens - © Somme Tourisme
Let’s get back!
This lunchtime, for convenience, before going home, you have a meal at the brasserie “Pause en Baie”. Everyone enjoys this family time. What did you like most during the holiday? Seeing the seals! No the Château Fort de Rambures fortress! Or the attractions at the Parc Bagatelle theme park! It is impossible to choose, all of these times were unique…It’s time to get our bags and leave this magical place. Everyone has a small twinge of sadness. Yet at heart everyone knows it: “We’ll be back! ”
Camping les Aubépines campsite - restaurant
Plage de Fort Mahon
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Camping les Aubépines - indoor swimming pool rubber ring
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