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Become an owner of a mobile home, nestling in a small piece of paradise:
The Baie de Somme estuary… What a dream!
After a few stays in Le Crotoy, for a while this idea becomes fixed in your mind, and people get you! What if it is time to take the plunge? Imagine…Decorating your own mobile home to your liking, planting lovely flowers on your plot, inviting friends over and making the most of the campsite facilities…All this on hand. During the holidays and weekends, what a delight to just have to travel a few kilometres by car, before totally unwinding in your second home. Are you ready to start this great adventure, on the Camping Les Aubépines campsite in the Baie de Somme?

Having a pied à terre in the Somme – only advantageous…

Becoming a mobile home owner in the Baie de Somme has numerous advantages. First and foremost, you enjoy a choice location to take advantage of all the delights offered by the Somme estuary. Go cockle fishing at the Le Hourdel beach in Cayeux sur Mer, discover local flavours in the Rue market, walk in Saint Valéry sur Somme, go sailing at Fort Mahon Plage…The possibilities are endless here! It has to said that on the Les Aubépines campsite, in Le Crotoy by the sea, remote working is highly delightful. The surroundings are peaceful and protected, your brain can breathe and makes you more efficient. In short, it is simply a delight…

How can you arrange the purchase of a mobile home on our seaside campsite in Le Crotoy? During an appointment with you, we take all the time needed to explore your questions, our ideas, and find the best solution together. It is our job. We’re at your service!
Les Aubépines campsite - terrace
To become an owner at the Les Aubépines campsite,
we offer you 2 possibilities:
You can buy one of the second-hand mobile homes we have for sale, depending upon what is available at the time. If you find what your looking for here, you can very quickly get settled in…
Alternatively, buy a new mobile home at Les Aubépines or from one of our partners.

What if you were to make the most of the pleasures of camping when you wished…

It’s true that being a resident on our Somme campsite, with a swimming pool, is highly delightful. Obviously, you will be able to make the most of the various facilities and equipment on Les Aubépines. What a joy for your young children, who are able to have fun in the playground whenever they want! Imagine swimming in the pool when your come at the weekend in the off-season. A glimmer of sunshine and there you have it. You’re making the most of an outdoor ping-pong session. From your arrival, what a pleasure to find the mini farm animals!
Camping les Aubépines - outdoor pool - ball games
Camping les Aubépines campsite - accommodation
Our mobile homes now meet Afnor French safety standards, the insulation is of excellent quality here and the trendy decor is well thought out.
Our partners are committed to quality and environmental initiatives.